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The National Safety Council serves as a high quality Resource Centre for all services on Safety, Health and Environment including a large variety of information, communication and educational material. It also provides a national platform for projecting views of its members on current HSE issues. Further, it facilitates to bring in the latest national and international developments and best practices in the field.

1. Safety Promotional Material :

·                     Safety Posters and Stickers (a large variety with original appealing messages on different aspects of safety, health and environment)

·                     National Safety Calendar (six - sheet wall calendar with pictorial messages on topical subjects and one information sheet on a subject of public interest)

·                     Specially Designed Material on National Safety Day, Fire Service Week and World Environment Day Campaigns (banners, information folders, pocket guides/instruction cards, utility articles with safety messages)

2. Technical Publications:

·                     Industrial Safety Chronicle (premier, informative and authentic quarterly technical journal at the national level)

·                     Industrial Safety News (bi-monthly periodical giving current news and activities in the field)

·                     HSE Related Technical Manuals, Handbooks, Booklets, Safe Practice Pamphlets, Conference Proceedings, Reprints of important international publications

3. Consultancy and Advisory Services:

·                     Conducting Safety Audits/Surveys/HAZOP Studies/Risk Analysis (the Council enjoys pioneering and leadership role in these services - It has a pool of experts, in-house and on panel)

·                     Conducting Safety Awareness Surveys (for assessing and rating safety awareness/culture at all levels in an Organisation )

·                     Preparation of Safety Manuals

·                     Advice on Statutory Compliances and Specific HSE Issues

·                     Preparation and Review of Emergency/Disaster Management Plans

·                     Development and Implementation of Safety Management Systems (like IS: 18001)

4. Training and Educational Services:

·                     National Conferences ( organized every 2-3 years, they provide national platform for bringing together key stakeholders- industry, govt., professionals and workers representatives to deliberate on contemporary HSE issues.)

·                     National Level Specialised Training Courses (in important cities across the country on over 20 themes and new courses are being added regularly)

·                     Customised In-plant Training Courses (the Council has experience of developing hundreds of such courses for its members/patrons in all sectors of industry)

·                     International Seminars / Conferences (organized periodically which facilitates exchange of the latest international developments and best practices in the fields. The Council also facilitates participation by its members in international seminars and conferences such as APOSHO and World Congress on OSH)

·                     NSC Library and Data-Bases (the Council has developed a good library equipped with over 3,000 technical books and 20 periodicals on HSE and related subjects at its headqurters which is open to all its members.)

5. NSCI Safety Awards:

Highly coveted Awards at the national level for recognizing meritorious performance and effective management systems and procedures, for

·                     Manufacturing Sector (operated since 1998. In all, 32 Awards including one 'Sarva Shreshtha Suraksha Puraskar', five ' Shreshta Suraksha Puraskar', 10 'Suraksha Puraskar' and 16 'Prashansha Patra'.)

·                     Construction Sector (operated since 2005. Both contractor and client are awarded. In all, 16 Awards including one 'Golden Safety Award', two 'Silver Safety Award', three 'Bronze Safety Award' and 10 'Prashansha Patra'.)


The National Safety Council has a network of over 8,000 members and 18 Chapters in different States which provide additional services, particularly in regional languages to the members in their jurisdiction.

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